Born in Prague, Czech Republic.

I have been working within various Visual Art disciplines and exhibiting professionally since 1973.

During this time I have lived, worked, taught and exhibited in Australia, Europe, UK, and Asia.


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My visual language results in complex imagery. It is made up of a ceaseless search for marks, colour, media which can most potently state and express my experiences; where I have come from and who and what epitomises me as a person, world citizen and visual creator. In short, my work is about experiences and roots.

Life is made up of endless fragments, some fleeting, some dominant. Sometimes these fragments enter our lives totally unattached and inexplicable. More often than not they meld and weld into the links, which make up the mainframe of the stuff of our life’s sojourn. These fragments model us – our ancestors, our myths, our roots, our fantasies and our explorations.

The content and context of my work is based upon these fragments. Like the fragments which make up our lives, our purpose and order, the ease of logic is not always evident.