Born in Prague, Czech Republic.

I have been working within various Visual Art disciplines and exhibiting professionally since 1973.

During this time I have lived, worked, taught and exhibited in Australia, Europe, UK, and Asia.


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Endless fragments and moments, some fleeting, some dominant, continually enter life, for considered purpose or discard.  More often than not as they meld and weld into the links, which make up the mainframe of the stuff of life’s experiences, we are not even aware of the infinite number of momentary occurrences which impose on our daily milliseconds of reactions and responses.

The essentially figurative work of Tomas Fantl has always been based upon intense  observation of humans.

Fantl has a wonderful innate ability to capture human reactions and responses, which he then compiles to make beguiling works of responses, reactions to whatever milieu. Very often they take place in an imagined gallery, or, e.g., confronting political encounter. His extraordinary use of space in his compositions is as potent as any drawn, painted or collage construct in each work.